The summer’s big release is out

With over 100 actions, it’s one of the biggest releases we’ve done at once. Often we release a new release every day but now we have changed so much that we have waited until everything was ready.
Here are some of the biggest changes in version 2.2:

New product pages

We want to provide more information about the advantages of each module of Copyl and have therefore restructured the way we present Copyl. Now it remains to create more product pages with more images and video.

Home service assignments have got their own pages

Previously, you had to use the contact pages, the team pages, the to-do list, and the planning schedule. This is now collected in a smart way in a separate page. Read more about Care assignment/Home service assignment on our information page.

List of shortcuts to recent items you worked on

You often jump between different “objects” in Copyl. It can be a customer image, an agreement, a user, etc. Sometimes you need to go back to a picture you’ve just been on, and then the list of recent objects comes in handy.

More improvements

  • The team pages: have been given a planning schedule for more efficient planning of your resources.
  • The team pages: the monthly calendar now shows all missions for a team.
  • The team pages: better overview of upcoming absences
  • The customer image in Care assignments: Saves information about who visited the page. Visible in the log tab on the customer.
  • Planning scheme: Printing of planning has got its own modal popup where you set what you want to print.
  • Project planning: several improvements to functionality.
  • Project: design improvements.
  • Project: document library.
  • Work schedule: graphical improvements that provide better experiences on smaller screens.
  • My profile: Profile photo upload works better.
  • User photo: Super-admins can upload photos of colleagues.
  • All subcomponents are upgraded to the latest version.
  • Login: login with Google is upgraded to the latest version of the Google login function.
  • Graphical improvements for better user experiences. Among other things, lower page headers in forms and lists to accommodate more information and reduce scrolling.
  • Copyl Integration Platform: got variables and a long list of improvements.
  • When uploading documents in the VDR (virtual data room), our AI identifies companies, people, addresses, etc. which is used in e.g. Contract Management.
Integration Platform

IPaaS Definition and Features

Definition of Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) IPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, is a type of cloud-based